Pillar 1

General Overview:

This is a new scheme which was introduced as part of the CAP Strategic Plan 2023-2027.  The aim is to reward farmers for undertaking practices that are beneficial to biodiversity, the climate, the environment and water quality. It is an annual voluntary scheme open to all farmers.  Farmers must agree to undertake specific agricultural practices to receive an annual payment for all eligible hectares committed to the scheme.

Scheme Specific Details:

Farmers will have the opportunity to opt in or out each year and the practices chosen can also be changed on a yearly basis.  Applications for the Eco-scheme can be submitted the same time as the BISS application.  Payment entitlements are not required to apply.

The Eco-scheme has 8 agricultural practices to choose from, with 3 of these practices having an enhanced option.  A farmer must deliver two practices (or one enhanced option) to qualify for a payment. 

The 8 agricultural practices are: 

  1. Space for nature (non-productive areas and landscape features) 
  2. Extensive livestock production 
  3. Limiting chemical nitrogen usage 
  4. Planting of native trees/hedgerows 
  5. Use of GPS controlled spreader and/or sprayer 
  6. Soil sampling and appropriate liming 
  7. Planting a break crop 
  8. Sowing a multi-species sward 

DAFM estimates the payment will be between €60 and €65 per hectare depending on uptake.


Total Allocated Budget for CSP 2023 – 2027: Approximately €1.485 billion

Further information on the Eco-scheme can be found here…

Terms and Conditions for the Eco-scheme can be found here…