Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What’s different about the new CAP?
  • New way of working: Fairer, greener and more performance-based CAP
  • Seeks to ensure a sustainable future for European farmers, provide more targeted support to smaller farms, and allow greater flexibility for EU countries to adapt measures to local conditions.
  • Key tool for achieving the EU Green Deal ambitions
  • Ten specific objectives, linked to common EU goals for social, environmental, and economic sustainability in agriculture and rural areas
Why has the name changed? 

The name CAP Network Ireland is more aligned with our partner networks across Europe. It also distinguishes activities to support the new Common Agricultural Policy, (2023-2027) from those that were funded by the previous CAP and supported by NRN (2016 – 2020, extended to 2022). 

How do I become a member of the network?
Click the Join Now button to sign up and become a member.
How can I reach your network support team in case of issues or questions?
You can reach out to CAP Network Ireland via the Helpdesk and a member of the team will then get in touch with you.
What services does CAPN provide?
Access to the latest information and insights related to CAP funding, training and networking opportunities in Ireland.