Organics Pilot

Acres Tranche 2 Launch Date

The importance of a pilot focusing on the organic sector is due to the number of challenges and opportunities it presents, from farm viability to the revitalisation of agriculture through young and new farmers and the management of land transfer and succession conflicts. These are cross-cutting factors for the whole sector and need to be addressed using a complex systems approach that considers sustainability from a holistic perspective (environmental, economic and social), recognising the efforts of producers and supporting their transition to a fairer and better agriculture, leaving no one behind. 

The target set by the Government Plan is to reach 7.5% of the total area cultivated in organic farming by 2027, while the target of the Climate Action Plan is to reach 10% of the total area cultivated in organic farming by 2030. Policies and measures planned for the sector, such as improved energy and water management and peatland rehabilitation, are expected to reduce carbon emissions while increasing the carbon stocks generated by organic production in Ireland. 

Some of the topics covered during the knowledge collection interviews already conducted have been practices and methodologies to reduce the intake of fertilisers and chemicals into the soil, as well as examples of organic consumption and production models promoted in other countries.

To learn more about the Organics Pilot, please contact carina@erinn.eu