Horticulture Pilot

Acres Tranche 2 Launch Date

CAP Network Ireland’s Innovation Hub is an initiative which identifies and analyses innovative knowledge and research which may offer potential solutions for real world challenges agriculture faces.  

One of the thematics which our Innovation Hub is currently focusing on is the Horticulture sector, which is a diverse, low environmental impact industry of plant and food produce and accounts for approximately 11% of total agri-food jobs in Ireland. Over the past few weeks, we have been connecting with different stakeholders across Ireland and Europe who have identified or implemented knowledge, research or innovations to strengthen the Horticulture sector. Some of the potential solutions we have looked at to date relate to growing media, resource efficiency, circularity, diversification, market opportunities, policy innovations and improving farmers position in the marketplace through innovations in business models and supply chains. 

Through our collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and together with other experts in the field, we’ll determine if and how the identified knowledge could be impactful in an Irish context and design and implement pathways for transferring this knowledge to relevant stakeholders in support of the sector. 

To learn more about the Horticulture Pilot, please contact: [email protected]