Innovation Hub

The CAP Network Innovation Hub is working to support the development and sharing of innovative ideas and solutions to ensure the economic, environmental and social sustainability of farming and of rural areas. It’s an initiative which aims to accelerate the uptake of knowledge, and involves:

Mapping the Ecosystem:

Understanding the funding programmes, stakeholders and projects generating knowledge and the multipliers who can help bridge the gap.

Knowledge Sharing:

Identifying and sorting knowledge with potential for transfer or that which is of interest to a wider audience.

Innovation Scoping:

Thematic deep dives to identify innovations to support key challenges and needs in specific sectors.

Knowledge Exchange:

Transfer of these innovations to specific target groups to maximise likelihood of uptake.

Enabling Supports:

Activities that move knowledge down pathways to impact by connecting relevant actors, facilitating co-creation and providing advice.

The team are currently running two thematic pilots and have been interviewing people and projects from Ireland and abroad to highlight the aspects of their research or policies or initiatives that might be of interest. This knowledge will be shared with experts to determine its potential to address key challenges facing these sectors – we then map out a way for this knowledge to have an impact and work with various stakeholders to ensure the knowledge is transferred. Our initial focus is on the horticulture and organic sectors.

Innovation News