Celebrating Women in Agriculture and Rural Communities

Mar 4, 2024 | News

At CAP Network Ireland, we acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of women, particularly in the fields of agriculture and rural areas. The Annual Review and Outlook for Agriculture, Food, and the Marine report highlighted a significant presence of women in these sectors, with 13% of active individual herdowners in 2022 being women, constituting 27% of the agricultural labour force.

Recognising the importance of women in agriculture, Ireland’s Common Agricultural Policy actively encourages the participation of both young farmers and women. Given that only 13.4% of women are currently in the sector, this approach is not merely a strategy; it is crucial for the vitality and diversification of the agricultural industry.

Ireland’s CAP Strategic Plan (CSP) takes a proactive step towards gender equality by implementing tailored measures to empower women in farming. The On-Farm Capital Investment Scheme provides grants to support young and women farmers, fostering generational renewal. Women aged 18 to 66 can access specialised support, with a dedicated 60% grant allocation to expand and develop their enterprises, subject to meeting the relevant requirements and conditions.

These initiatives are designed to establish gender balance and stimulate generational renewal within the farming industry, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic agricultural landscape. Ireland’s CSP additionally introduces female-focused knowledge transfer groups, facilitating peer-to-peer learning and addressing shared challenges and opportunities to enhance gender balance.

Let us collectively celebrate the remarkable women who are shaping the landscape of agriculture and rural areas. The future is not just promising; it is inclusive and diverse.

For further details on Ireland’s CSP, click here for more information.

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