Young LEADER Forum to Take Place in Finland in June

Mar 28, 2024 | LEADER

There’s an exciting opportunity to participate in the upcoming ‘Young LEADER Forum’ which will take place from the 11th-13th June 2024 in Finland. This will be the first chance for the EU CAP Network to bring together motivated young people from rural areas and people connected with LEADER at local level, together with organisations and administrations at regional, national and EU level.

This event will offer an opportunity to highlight the added value of youth engagement and empowerment in the implementation of the LEADER approach. To that end, the event will be organised in close cooperation with the Finnish National Network.

The main objectives of the Young LEADER Forum are:

  • to collect youth perspectives on LEADER – to understand how LEADER implementation could work for them;
  • to exchange approaches to increasing the power of young people in LEADER policy making and implementation; and
  • to foster an international young LEADER community.

The event will aim to engage young people from 18 to 35 years old (with prioritisation for young people under 30 years) from different countries across the EU.

A call for expressions of interest is now open until 5 April 2024 here.

The call is open to young rural people who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • young people actively involved in LEADER e.g. Local Action Group (LAG) managers/employees, LAG board members, LEADER beneficiaries, members of the national LAG network;
  • young leaders or activists who are engaged in local community development;
  • a young person representing a youth organisation at the national, regional or local level (e.g. national rural youth organisations, parliaments or local councils).

Participants should have a strong interest in rural development topics as well as motivation to get involved actively in the event and join an international youth LEADER community.

Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the organisers for selected young participants.

If you have any questions about the forum, please contact [email protected].

You can express your interest in participating in the event here.

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