€25m Scheme to Strengthen the Dairy Beef Sector Announced

Mar 26, 2024 | Farm Viability

Minister McConalogue has introduced the Dairy Beef Welfare Scheme (DBWS) as a key element of Ireland’s Dairy-Beef Action Plan. With a budget of €25 million over four years, co-financed by the EU under the CAP Strategic Plan, the DBWS aims to strengthen the dairy beef sector. It encourages dairy farmers to use genetically superior beef sires, requiring a minimum rating of 3 stars on the ICBF Dairy Beef Index. Participants meeting the criteria will receive €20 per eligible calf, up to 50 calves per holding.

This initiative facilitates closer integration between beef and dairy herds, benefiting both sectors by providing a market outlet for dairy beef calves. The DBWS incentivises the use of genetic tools to improve progeny quality, aiming to enhance Commercial Beef Value (CBV) through the DBI. Minister McConalogue emphasises the scheme’s alignment with the broader strategy outlined in the ten-point Action Plan, emphasising its role in improving profitability and confidence among beef farmers.

The DBWS complements efforts by the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation and the Irish Co-operative Organisation Society to communicate the advantages of selecting calves based on CBV. Additionally, Minister McConalogue reaffirms support for suckler farming, announcing a €20 million exchequer-funded scheme alongside the existing Suckler Carbon Efficiency Programme (SCEP).

Applications for the CSP Dairy Beef Welfare Scheme are open until May 15th through agfood.ie. Further details on the scheme’s terms and conditions are available here.


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