The Suckler Carbon Efficiency Programme

Pillar 2

General Overview:

The Suckler Carbon Efficiency Programme (SCEP) is designed to financially support farmers striving to enhance the environmental sustainability of Ireland’s beef industry. SCEP encourages farmers to focus on making their herd more carbon efficient. The program achieves this goal by emphasizing two main aspects: improving the genetic quality of the Irish suckler herd and reducing the greenhouse gas intensity of beef production. This dual approach benefits both the environment and the economy. The program comprises four mandatory actions, each contributing to its objectives:

    1. Replacement Strategy: This involves strategically selecting replacement animals based on their genetic merit.
    2. Genotyping Programme: SCEP requires the genetic profiling (genotyping) of a significant portion of the herd each year.
    3. Weighing Measure: This practice aids in selecting suitable stock to enhance the overall productivity of a herd.
    4. Data Recording: Data recording involves maintaining detailed records of various aspects related to livestock, including health, size, and behaviour. These records provide insights for informed decision-making and herd management.


Total Allocated SCEP Budget for CSP 2023-2027: €260 million

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