National Apiculture Programme

Pillar 1

General Overview:

The aim of this Programme is to provide support for research actions in the apiculture sector. It is intended that the research and work funded will be of a ‘public good’ nature, and that the results will be made freely available to beekeepers.

The new 5-year National Apiculture Programme will build on the National Apiculture Programme 2019 – 2022. Following an open call for proposals, funding is provided to a single institution that will undertake research in the apiculture sector and disseminate their findings. It is intended that beekeepers having one or more hives will benefit from this research. As funding is provided to a research body, payments will not be made to individual beekeepers.

Scheme Specific Details:

In a 2020 consultation with beekeeping stakeholders, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) identified the need for baseline figures, training that considers the latest research findings, and support for the dissemination of research findings.
The measures for the Irish Apiculture Programme (2023-2027) are:

    • To provide technical and advisory assistance to beekeepers and beekeepers’ organisations;
    • Combating beehive invaders and diseases, particularly varroasis; and
    • To co-operate with specialist bodies for the implementation of applied research programmes in the field of beekeeping and apiculture products.


Under the CSP 2023-2027, an allocated amount of up to €104,307 is available for Year 1 and up to €123,280 is available for each of the remaining 4 years for implementation of the programme.

More information on the Programme can be found here…