Continuous Professional Development for Advisors

Pillar 2

General Overview:

This intervention aims to offer essential support and resources for the upskilling and continuous professional development of advisors within the agricultural sector. By actively participating in ongoing professional development activities, advisors can enhance their knowledge base. This ensures their familiarity with the latest techniques, technologies, regulatory and scheme requirements in the dynamically evolving agricultural industry.

The intervention builds upon the training provided to advisors in the Farm Advisory System (FAS), emphasising the importance of staying abreast of advancements in the field for the benefit of both advisors and the agricultural community.

Scheme Specific Details:

Following a structured approach, this intervention utilises tendering processes to engage qualified training providers capable of delivering high-quality professional training across diverse areas. These areas include climate change, mitigation and adaptation, sustainable energy, air, soil and water quality, biodiversity conservation, organic farming, carbon farming approaches, and the adoption of new technologies and best practices.


Total allocated budget under the CSP 2023-2027: €1.9 million