Collaborative Farming Grant

Pillar 2

General Overview:

The Collaborative Farming Grant scheme, introduced as part of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 and continued under the new CAP Strategic Plan (CSP) 2023-2027, aims to incentivise farmers establishing Registered Farm Partnerships to embrace best practices. This initiative seeks to cover up to 50% of legal, advisory, and financial services costs, with a maximum limit of €1,500 incurred in the establishment of these partnerships.

The creation of such partnerships serves several key objectives, including addressing scale and efficiency issues in primary agricultural production by consolidating land holdings from non-related family farmers. Additionally, it promotes the employment of new skills and specialisation in primary production, requiring enhanced educational qualifications for participants. Moreover, the scheme contributes to improving the age structure of Irish agriculture by supporting partnerships that include at least one partner under the age of 40 , giving priority to those with a partner over 60.

Scheme Specific Details:

The Collaborative Farming Grant scheme is accessible to newly established farm partnerships officially listed on the Department’s Register of Farm Partnerships, possessing an allocated Farm Partnership Registration Number (FPRN). To qualify, these partnerships must include a Young Farmer, as per the definition outlined in the CSP 2023-2027.


Total Allocated Budget for CSP 2023-2027: €2 million

More information about the Collaborative Farming Grant can be found on the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine website below.