Early Stage Support for Producer Organisations

Pillar 2

General Overview:

The aim of this intervention is to provide support to groups of producers wishing to be recognised as Producer Organisations (POs) in the beef, sheep, potato, tillage, plant amenity and fruit and vegetable sectors. The rationale for support under this intervention is to encourage the adoption and development of Producer Organisations in various sectors; and to assist primary producers in strengthening their position in the supply chain.

Scheme specific details:

Applications will be taken on a rolling basis from 2023 – 2027 inclusive. To be eligible an applicant must:

    • Be set up on the initiative of producers and be led by producers;
    • Have a minimum of 20 members (beef and sheep sectors); or have a minimum of 5 members (other sectors);
    • Be constituted in line with the requirements under the relevant articles of the EU Common Market Organisation Regulation;
    • Be registered as a legal entity with the Companies Registration Office;
    • For the fruit and vegetable PO applicants, have a combined value of marketed production (VMP) of more than €2.5million; and
    • For the tillage, plant amenity and potato PO applicants, have a combined VMP of more than €1.5million.


The total maximum allocation under the CSP 2023-2027 over the course of the programme to each Producer Organisation is €33,000 to be paid over three years. It is intended that an estimated target of 45 new groups be established in the first three years, with a total indicative financial allocation of €1.485m for the period 2023-2027.

Further information can be found on the Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine website…