Pillar 2

General Overview:

The Areas of Natural Constraints (ANC) scheme is available to people farming on land in designated areas that are deemed to face significant hardships from factors such as remoteness, difficult topography, climatic difficulties and poor soil conditions.

Scheme Specific Details:

Payments are provided on the following categories of land:

    • Category 1 land is categorised by extensive farming practices that manage livestock on higher ground.
    • Category 2 land is categorised be extensive farming practices that manage livestock grazing on lower ground.
    • Category 3 land is categorised by grazing livestock practices that are less extensive in nature.
    • Offshore island land is categorised by small, fragmented island holdings where farming is economically marginal and opportunities for intensive farming practices are limited.

An annual application must be submitted alongside the annual BISS application declaring ANC land located within the jurisdiction of Ireland in order to qualify for the Areas of Natural Constraints scheme.

A minimum stocking density of 0.10 livestock units per forage hectare must be maintained for 28 consecutive weeks within the calendar year

An annual average stocking density of 0.10 livestock units per forage hectare must be maintained for the calendar year
The minimum stocking requirement will be based on an applicant’s stocking profile in 2022. Where an applicant did not satisfy the minimum stocking requirement in 2022, they can choose to use their stocking profile in 2023 instead.

Applicants with sheep or goats must have submitted a valid Sheep or Goat Census return within specified timelines.

Tillage lands, which are payable in designated areas under the scheme, are not subject to or considered in the calculation of stocking requirements.

Cattle, sheep and goats, horses, donkeys and deer are considered eligible animals under the scheme.


Total Allocated Budget for CSP 2023-2027: €1.25 billion

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