Pillar 2

General Overview:

The Agri-Environment Training Scheme (AETS) is a voluntary program designed to train farmers in environmental practices and safety standards, with the goal of encouraging their participation in future agri-environment schemes.
Farmers who participate in the ACRES scheme benefit from completing the proposed two training courses, where it builds and supports to increase awareness with an understanding of climate change, biodiversity, health and safety and equipping them with a higher level of knowledge and skills and to address lessons learned from participating in the agri-environment scheme.

Details on Training:

Courses are conducted by approved agri advisors and trainers, the first course is mandatory and the second will be on a voluntary basis.  

Eligibility is for farmers applying for Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), with each farmer allowed one course participation. Upon satisfactory completion, farmers receive €156, paid to the trainer, who in turn pays each attending farmer. The trainer receives a €90 fee per farmer attending the course. 


Total allocated intervention is €21m for CSP 2023–2027

To learn more about Agri-Environment Climate Training and CAP Strategic Plan (CSP), please visit the link below…