Minister McConalogue Confirms In-Person Training Option for SCEP Participants

May 23, 2024 | Climate Change, Farm Viability, Green Architecture

Minister Charlie McConalogue, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has confirmed the introduction of in-person training sessions for participants of the SCEP (Suckler Carbon Efficiency Programme), following the programme’s launch at the end of April. Responding to farmer concerns, Minister McConalogue emphasised the importance of accessibility, recognising that some participants may face challenges with online access due to connectivity issues or lack of support. Consequently, the Department will organise in-person training events later in the summer to accommodate those who prefer this method.

While emphasising the benefits of online training, which offers flexibility and accessibility 24/7, Minister McConalogue stressed that the in-person option is being provided to ensure that no participant is left behind. He highlighted the convenience of online training, which allows farmers to engage at their own pace and schedule. The online curriculum, divided into seven modules, enables participants to pause and resume as needed, with completion required by November 15th, 2024.

Monitoring the uptake of SCEP training, the Department commits to providing targeted support and communication to assist participants in meeting the training deadline. Failure to complete the training by November 15th, 2024, may result in removal from SCEP and loss of any payments received. Details regarding the in-person training sessions will be announced in due course.

Participants can access the online training at, with each module typically taking around 30 minutes to complete. Flexibility is provided for participants to complete modules either sequentially or in stages, with progress saved for continuation at later sessions.

For enquiries or assistance with programme implementation or training, participants can contact the Department’s Helpdesk at 057 867 4422 or email

For more information on SCEP, click here.

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