Irish Students Triumph in BISC-E Challenge

Apr 4, 2024 | Climate Change

The champions of the national Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge Europe (BISC-E) for 2024 hail from the School of Biosystems and Food Engineering at University College Dublin (UCD). This three-person team, supervised by Assistant Professor Ronald Halim, has developed an innovative solution involving integrated anaerobic digestion and microalgae processes to repurpose food waste. Their victory propels them to the European stage in September 2024, where they will refine their protype, conduct further research, and develop their business strategies.

Led by Fangting Bai, the UCD team expresses gratitude for the invaluable experience gained through the BISC-E competition, emphasising its role in focusing and providing a clear objective. They extend they’re thanks to all involved, including the steering group, the judging panel, and David from IKC3, for their guidance and support.

Meanwhile, a commendable second place goes to a team from the University of Limerick, led by Clotilde Techoueyres. Reflecting on their journey, Techoueyres acknowledges the transformative impact of BISC-E, enabling them to transition from lab concepts to viable business prospects. They appreciate the assistance from IKC3 and the constructive feedback from the judges, which will inform their future endeavors.

Maynooth University played host to this year’s finals, with a judging panel comprising experts from academia, industry, and policy, showcasing Ireland’s commitment to fostering innovation in the bioeconomy.

For more information about the BISC-E challenge, click here.

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