Ireland’s First on-farm Regenerative Agriculture Event

Aug 30, 2023 | Climate Change, Farm Viability

Ireland’s First on-farm Regenerative Agriculture Event recently took place. BASE Ireland (Biodiversity, Agriculture, Soil & the Environment) is part of an international community of farmers, agronomists and agriculture professionals who are committed to advancing the knowledge and practice of conservation.

”Soil Dependence” was organised by BASE Ireland in Maynooth on 4th July 2023. The event shared some of the tools and knowledge BASE has garnered over the years to raise awareness of how regenerative agriculture can help sustain a farming future in Ireland through working with nature.

The variety of farmer-led talks, panel discussions as well as technical demonstrations from farmers, farm managers, farming consultants, lecturers, and members of DANÚ, an EIP biological farming transition project, biological farming groups such as DANÚ, all, highlighted the importance of embedding conservation agriculture and biological farming globally using an open knowledge-sharing culture and collaborative approaches.

You can read more about BASE Ireland here: BASE Farming Conservation Agriculture (

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