Invitation to Participate in Public Consultation on Nitrates Directive

Feb 2, 2024 | Climate Change, Farm Viability

The European Commission has launched an open public consultation on the evaluation of the Nitrates Directive. Interested parties are invited to share their views on the Nitrates Directive via an online consultation that runs until 8 March 2024.

The evaluation will assess if the Nitrates Directive remains fit for purpose and contributes to a sustainable and resilient agriculture and food security. It will look at whether, in changing climatic and environmental conditions, the directive is helping farmers to adapt and increase resilience, and whether it is supportive of new agricultural practices, while sufficiently promoting the recycling of nutrients from various sources. The evaluation will include several consultation activities aiming to ensure that the sector’s and public’s interests across the EU are properly reflected.

The target audience includes all stakeholders and citizens affected by nutrient losses from agriculture as well as those implementing the Nitrates Directive across the EU. Relevant stakeholders include:
• National, regional and local authorities (e.g. agricultural, water, environmental, climate, spatial planning, health and economic authorities);
• Farmers, businesses and professionals operating in relevant sectors (e.g. agriculture, environment, water, climate, health, food, tourism, fisheries, etc.) and their respective sectoral associations;
• European, international and multilateral organisations as well as relevant EU agencies, regional sea conventions, etc.;
• Employers, trade unions, consumer organisations, environmental NGOs and other civil society bodies, academia and research institutes working on EU agriculture and environment policies and the general public.

To contribute to this important public consultation, please click here.

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