EU LIFE Events For 2024

Mar 10, 2024 | Innovation

Here are the upcoming EU LIFE Events you will want to add to your calendar for 2024.

Discover the Sustainable Energy Days

Sustainable Energy Days are events that take place anywhere around the world, promoting clean energy and energy efficiency. In the current context of the energy transition and independence of the energy supply, every Sustainable Energy Day is an opportunity to inspire behavioural changes and innovation towards meeting energy and climate goals in the EU and globally.

These events will take place between March and June 2024, exploring a variety of topics in sessions of different formats and durations.

You can be creative! A Sustainable Energy Day event might focus on awareness-raising, centre on a specific activity, or on a particular technology or policy. It may address a local community or even an entire region. Sustainable Energy Days can take place in public or private buildings, outdoors, or online. Past events took place in locations such as schools, parks, town halls, factories, and conference centres.

Should you have any questions about the Sustainable Energy Days, please do not hesitate to contact the European Union Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) Secretariat at [email protected].

Explore the interactive map to find a Sustainable Energy Day near you.

The call to submit your proposal for a Sustainable Energy Day is now open.

Green Week Conference

Faced with recurrent water-related crises, this edition of the annual conference will debate what is needed to make the EU more water resilient, today, and tomorrow.

The Conference will take place between Wednesday 29 May and Thursday 30 May. Conference registration will open in April.

Water is a vital shared resource to be passed down from generation to generation and one of the essentials for people, the environment and a just, sustainable, and resilient economy.

The 2024 EU Green Week is part of a wider communication campaign dedicated to the topic of water resilience. The objective is to stimulate an EU-wide conversation around the EU’s water present and future, with an emphasis on fostering awareness and promoting positive, collaborative solutions.

At the conference, guest speakers will discuss various aspects of integrated water management. This includes topics such as:

  • Fostering a water smart economy within the EU;
  • Addressing the challenges of restoring and safeguarding the disrupted water cycle;
  • Ensuring widespread access to clean and affordable water, and;
  • Sanitation and international water cooperation.

Green Week partner events

The Green Week Conference, mentioned above, will be accompanied by partner events, organised in Europe and beyond, under the shared header of water resilience. This year exceptionally, partner events can be organised beyond the Green Week period, starting from 29 May until 1 September 2024.

If you are interested in organising an event/s that can engage citizens in water-related aspects and help foster a lively public conversation, please consult event guidelines and start preparing your event.

The application period will be open between 4-17 March 2024.

All information on EU Green Week 2024 can be found here.

Source:  EU Green Week website

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