Empowering Female Farmers: Over 250 Apply for Woman Farmers’ Capital Investment Scheme

Nov 14, 2023 | Farm Viability, Green Architecture

259 female farmers have applied for the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s (DAFM) Woman Farmers’ Capital Investment Scheme, an exciting initiative. This initiative falls under the broader Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS 3), which is allocated a substantial budget of €370 million and spans a five-year period.

Enhanced Support for Female Farmers
Under this specific scheme, female farmers are eligible for a grant aid set at an impressive rate of 60%, with a maximum cap of €90,000 per holding. This represents a notable increase from the standard 40% rate. The scheme is strategically designed to achieve specific aims and objectives aligned with the changing landscape of agricultural practices.

Aims and Objectives: Focusing on Women in Agriculture
The new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Regulations underscore a particular emphasis on promoting the active participation of women in the socio-economic development of rural areas, with a specific focus on farming. Member States are mandated to enhance their capacity in gender mainstreaming and data collection with a sex-disaggregated approach. The core objective of the Woman Farmers’ Capital Investment Scheme is to incentivise women farmers to upgrade their agricultural buildings and equipment. This is achieved by providing them with an increased level of financial support to offset the substantial capital costs associated with establishing and maintaining their enterprises.

Qualification Criteria
To qualify for this initiative under TAMS 3, a female farmer must be between the ages of 18 and 67 at the time of application, registered as ‘female’ on DAFM’s Corporate Customer Management (CCM) system, possess adequate occupational skills and competence, and have control over and be actively managing an agricultural holding.

Minister’s Confirmation of Success: A Commitment to Sustainability
On September 8, 2023, Minister Charlie McConalogue confirmed a significant milestone: all eligible applicants under tranche 1 of TAMS 3 would receive approval. Furthermore, a noteworthy commitment was made that 100% of eligible applications would be approved for funding. Minister McConalogue stated, “In keeping with my commitment to assist farmers to address our climate and sustainability targets.”

Promising Step Towards Gender Inclusivity in Agriculture
While the precise number of eligible applicants is yet to be determined, the fact that 259 female farmers have applied points towards a commendable achievement. This surge in applications is indicative of a positive step forward in promoting the active involvement of women in the socio-economic development of rural areas, marking a milestone in the agricultural landscape.

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