St. Declan’s Way: History, Connection, Culture & Sustainable Development.

Feb 11, 2024 | Farm Viability

St. Declan’s Way, an ancient 1,500-year-old pilgrim path, spans its way through the picturesque landscapes of South Tipperary and West Waterford. It is the longest such trail that spans at 115 kilometres. Annually, the trail attracts 4,000 walkers who embark on this ancient journey. This trail delivers social, economic and cultural benefits to the numerous rural communities which it traverses.

Embedded within the fabric of rural life, the St. Declan’s Way Trail is an integral part of the Department of Rural and Community Development Walks Scheme in Tipperary and Waterford. This initiative, delivered by Rural Recreation Officers in Local Development Companies, engages private landholders to partake in the essential maintenance of trail sections that weave across their lands. This symbiotic relationship not only ensures the pristine condition of the trail but also serves as a supplementary income for numerous farm families and small landholders.

By fostering this collaboration, the Walks Scheme not only nurtures the landscapes through which St. Declan’s Way spans but also ensures the prosperity of the surrounding rural communities. Beyond its historical significance, this ancient trail becomes a living testament to the interconnectedness of history, nature, and community, creating a harmonious tapestry of cultural preservation and sustainable development.

The first event is taking place on Saturday, the 23rd of March from Cashel to Cahir. To find out more information about the St Declan’s Way Pilgrim Path Walk’s upcoming events click here.

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