Multispecies swards and red clover silage measures announced

Sep 29, 2023 | Climate Change, Farm Viability, Green Architecture

The Multi-Species Sward and Red Clover Silage Measures claim system has been launched by the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine (DAFM). With a substantial budget increase to €2.5 million, these initiatives exemplify the government’s commitment to fostering environmentally responsible agricultural practices that have far-reaching benefits. Applicants can submit their claims for payment via the official website,

The measures are strategically designed to address multiple facets of sustainable agriculture, including:

Environmental Impact: By encouraging farmers to adopt Multi-Species Swards, the government aims to reduce nitrogen fertilizer usage. This reduction in nitrogen fertilizer not only helps combat nitrous oxide emissions, a potent greenhouse gas, but also lowers production costs for farmers.

Enhanced Biodiversity: Multi-Species Swards contribute to improved biodiversity on farmlands. Their varied plant composition creates a richer ecosystem, which can have a positive cascading effect on local wildlife and plant species.

Drought Resilience: The diverse root structures of these swards improve soil health and structure. This enhanced soil quality, combined with the various plant types, increases a farm’s resilience to drought conditions, which is particularly vital in regions prone to water scarcity.

Reduced Anthelmintic Usage: Farmers adopting Multi-Species Swards often find that their livestock require fewer anthelmintic treatments. This reduction in medication not only cuts costs but also aligns with the growing global push for more sustainable livestock farming.

Higher-Quality Silage: Red Clover Silage, known for its nitrogen-fixing ability, offers several advantages. It is not only richer in protein compared to conventional silage but also has a remarkable yield potential. As a result, farmers can reduce their reliance on costly concentrate feeds.

These measures build upon the success of pilot programs initiated in 2022, with expectations of further expanding the adoption of these innovative practices. Farmers are encouraged to explore these opportunities, as they not only promote sustainability but also offer financial incentives.

The government’s commitment to supporting farmers in adopting these practices is highlighted in the substantial increase in aid rates, with eligible applicants now eligible for payments of up to €300 per hectare. This financial support is intended to help offset rising input costs, thereby ensuring that sustainable farming remains economically viable.

By extending the deadline for claims until September 29, 2023, the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine is allowing ample time for farmers to gather necessary documentation and submit their claims for payment.

The Multi-Species Sward and Red Clover Silage Measures represent a crucial step towards a greener and more sustainable future for Irish agriculture. They provide a win-win situation for both farmers and the environment, offering financial support while contributing to the reduction of agriculture’s environmental footprint. As farmers embrace these innovative practices, Ireland moves one step closer to achieving its sustainability goals and addressing the challenges of the 21st century.

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