LIFE IP Peatlands and People Project Fourth Year Update

Mar 12, 2024 | Green Architecture

Work on the restoration and rehabilitation of peatlands in Ireland’s midlands under LIFE IP Peatlands and People continues with Bord na Móna leading investigations into the planting of Sphagnum moss to enable enhanced restoration on areas of rewetted peatland.

In time, the planting of Sphagnum moss on bare peat will accelerate the return of peat-forming conditions and ultimately turn the peatlands back into carbon sinks. Several EPA research projects are working alongside the project to ensure appropriate monitoring practices are in place to understand the benefits of this restoration. The EPA projects will meet with the Peatlands and People team this month at the Bord na Móna offices in Boora, Co. Offaly, to facilitate collaboration between the projects and discuss progress.  

Sphagnum cuspidatum in a bog pool. Photo: Bord na Móna.

The successful Just Transition Accelerator programme has now entered its third round. This year two programmes are underway, Accelerate Green Grow and Accelerate Green Start, supporting green and climate-focused companies at different stages of development. The programmes will culminate in Ireland’s Sustainable Future Conference in June 2024 in Tullamore. Keep an eye on for more updates. This completes Peatlands and People’s direct involvement in the Green Accelerator programme; Bord na Móna has committed to fund this programme in the future and provides the appropriate “After LIFE” commitment. 

Timeline of Peatlands and People project activities

Planning for the People’s Encounter Experience within Pillar 3 is also underway. The aim is to develop a new flagship experience in Ireland’s midlands, where visitors can encounter sustainable living in action and how we can co-exist in harmony with nature. Its mission is to open the door to a new sustainable world for all. An interactive digital sustainability simulator is also in development, which will eventually be housed within the Encounter Experience. To stay up to date on developments visit the project website or sign up to their mailing list.

Text and image sources: LIFE IP Peatlands and People

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