Groundbreaking Initiative Addresses Critical Issue of Soil Biodiversity Loss

Oct 11, 2023 | Climate Change, EIP-AGRI, Farm Viability

The Soil Biodiversity Literacy and Enhancement EIP project is a groundbreaking initiative addressing the critical issue of soil biodiversity loss. The project was spearheaded by Talamh Beo. At its core, Talamh Beo advocates for a food system that places farmers and communities at its heart.

The project empowered farmers with knowledge, science, and peer-to-peer engagement. The principles guiding this initiative are firmly rooted in agroecology, emphasizing holistic and regenerative farming practices, an approach that has gained traction among Irish farmers.

Talamh Beo’s impact was not confined to rural areas, it embraced urban components, acknowledging the universal importance of soil biodiversity.

One of the notable aspects of Talamh Beo’s project was its emphasis on diversity. The initiative featured a selection of 16 Lighthouse Farms, ensuring a balance in gender representation and encompassing a range of farming practices. This diversity allowed for a comprehensive exploration of soil biodiversity across various ecosystems, soil types, and land use practices. Videos and materials, including the project’s final report, are now available. Visit the EIP-Agri website to access any of these resources.

Talamh Beo has significantly contributed to building a resilient and regenerative food system. The impact of the project’s work, participants’ dedication and innovation led to their nomination for the 2023 Agricultural & Rural Inspiration Awards (ARIA), an esteemed recognition highlighting their commitment to lifelong learning and sustainable agricultural practices.

Talamh Beo is interested in collaborating with academia in order to foster mutual learning. If you are a soil scientist who would be interested in linking up with the project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To learn more about Talamh Beo and how they are addressing soil biodiversity loss, please visit their website.

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