Inishowen Upland Farmers Project – Improving Farm Profitability through Sustainable Practices

Aug 30, 2023 | EIP-AGRI

The Inishowen Upland Farmers Project is a locally led EIP-Agri project that aims to improve farm profitability through sustainable practices that can be implemented both on commonage and privately owned land.

On 21st July 2023, an open day was held at participant James Breslin’s farm. Attendees were introduced by John Doherty, Project Manager, to the five measures carried out across the project’s demonstration farms: farm ponds, agroforestry, diverse swards, upland cattle and red clover.

From the benefits of increased biodiversity to improved water quality and reduced chemical fertiliser use and costs, implementing these practices can have a positive impact on the environment and combat climate change while still supporting farmers income.

You can find out more about the mission and impact of the Inishowen Upland EIP Project here.

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