Thematic Group on Green Architecture: Designing Green Strategies

Jan 22, 2024 | Green Architecture

Expressions of interest are currently being sought to become a member of the new EU CAP Network Thematic Group (TG) on Green Architecture – designing green strategies, and is being facilitated by the CAP Implementation Contact Point. This is an opportunity to be part of a committed group of experts and relevant stakeholders engaging in real EU-wide networking, sharing experiences and contributing to wider policy reflection. Expressions of interest must be submitted by the 22nd of February 2024.

This TG provides members the opportunity to share experiences about the different approaches Member States chose in the implementation of the Green Architecture. The TG will explore the interactions of the different interventions and examine how green strategies work in practice. Issues relating to the implementation of the Green Architecture and develop ideas and recommendations for improvements towards both design and/or implementation of the Green Architecture in future years will also be discussed.

The TG will consist of a small but dedicated cross-section of informed and engaged stakeholders from across Europe (around 40 in total) who will commit to participating in two meetings and related activities.

The first meeting will take place online on Thursday 11 April 2024. The second meeting will take place on Tuesday 04 June 2024, either in-person or online. The format and location of the second meeting will be confirmed as soon as possible after the first TG meeting.

Participants will be selected based on the following criteria.

• Experience and/or knowledge of design and implementation of the Green Architecture (e.g. knowledge of different interventions in a certain Member State, knowledge of what is working well or where the issues are so far, how to encourage greater awareness, etc.);
• Capacity and willingness to engage, network and exchange effectively at national, regional and local levels;
• A position that represents either Managing Authorities (MAs), National Networks (NNs), Paying Agencies (PAs), farming organisations, advisors, farmers, rural businesses, non-governmental or research organisations;
• Ability to communicate clearly in English without interpretation; and
• Commitment to participate in two meetings of the Thematic Group and the activities in-between.

• Commitment to share design and implementation models with other members during the TG activities; and
• Commitment to share TG outputs with other colleagues or networks outside of the TG.

Please note that when selecting the Thematic Group members from the expressions of interest, the CAP Implementation Contact Point will – to the extent possible – also consider the need to ensure a balance of participants from EU Member States, sectors and topics, and gender. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation of participation as soon as possible and by mid-March 2024 at the latest.

The meetings will be held in English with no interpretation.

Questions can be answered at [email protected]. More details are on the EU CAP Network website.

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