BIODIRECT: Connecting Bioeconomy Innovators with Industry Customers

Jan 9, 2024 | Innovation

Circular Bioeconomy Cluster South-West at Munster Technological University has joined forces with Queen’s University Belfast, ATIM Cluster and Ulster University to accelerate uptake of bio-based products across sectors through a new project called ‘BioDirect – The All-island Biobased Product Innovation Challenge: Connecting Bioeconomy Innovators with Industry Customers’

BIODIRECT will be the first All-Island project focused on the adoption of innovative bio-products specifically targeted towards specified company challenges across the island of Ireland across four sectors, Packaging, Construction, Textiles and Agriculture.

With an increasing emphasis on the transition to net zero emissions and circular economy there is a demand for bio-based technologies, products and materials that are using renewable, organic and sustainable feedstock. The aim is to speed up the innovation cycle by connecting bio-based innovations and technologies with industry customers through a curated challenged based process and increase the adoption of these solutions in the Irish market.

The expected results of the project will be greater market awareness of bio-based product availability for key sectors in Ireland, cross border collaboration between companies and identified areas of high commercial potential for further research and development.

The project aligns with the recently published Bioeconomy Action Plan prepared by the Department of Environment, Climate & Communications and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine which highlights: Analyse the status and possibilities of bioeconomy and biobased materials as a strategic capability particularly in relation to all-island economic development, and as a climate transition pathway for all relevant industrial ecosystems.

BIODIRECT is funded by InterTradeIreland Synergy Programme which aims to scale cross-border collaboration, using cluster and network development supports to increase the impact of programmes with economic benefit to Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Get involved: If you are a company in the Agriculture sector and you are seeking environmentally friendly bio-based products and materials to deploy, get in touch via the form here.

Source: Circular Bioeconomy Cluster

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